TCI New York Hosts Riverview Baptist Church Campers with Assist from The Bank of Greene County

Kids Get Insiders Tour of Recycling Facility
Coeymans, New York, July 18, 2017

TCI New York, the national recycler of transformers and other electrical equipment based in Coeymans, NY held its second annual day for summer campers from the Riverview Missionary Baptist Church in Coeymans. The Bank of Greene County participated by providing staff support and presenting “piggy” banks to the campers.

Twenty-one campers led by Pastor Roxanne Booth joined TCI leaders John Barr, Damian Hicks, and Julie Bullard, along with Pamela Garrison from The Bank of Greene County, for an information session, hands-on tour, and refreshments in the corporate conference room. The campers learned how TCI New York built its state-of-the-art facilities and how electrical transformers are recycled. They met many of the administration and operations staff, some of whom are family members and neighbors of the campers.

Pastor Booth said, “It’s important for our kids to see what’s on display at TCI New York. It is a national company proud to be in Coeymans and a successful, growing business operation. Plus, the folks at TCI make it a fun excursion.”

John Barr, TCI Operations Manager said, “We believe strongly in community involvement. Not only is supporting great local organizations like Riverside Baptist Church the right thing to do, it helps us recruit staff to TCI. We are at 40 employees from 15 just two years ago, and we are still growing. We hope that all of the campers learn something useful when they visit us, and we hope that some of them one day will become our colleagues.”

Pamela Garrison, Ravena-Coeymans Branch Manager, The Bank of Greene County said, “We share TCI’s commitment to community service and we are thrilled to help support this program for the wonderful kids and staff at the Riverview Baptist Church Summer Camp. It’s a great pleasure to meet so many polite, intelligent and good-spirited young people.”

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